Panoramic Contact Sheets With the Sprocket Rocket by Franklin Ruiz

Based out of Florida, "but not crazy" as he says, Franklin Ruiz fell into photography almost by accident. The 27 year old kickstarted his passion by shooting parodies of his sisters and friends skating and surfing around. "I got into panoramic photography from movies," explains Franklin. "I love that anamorphic look from Blade Runner to La La Land. It’s such a dope look and it just screams cinematic." Armed with a Sprocket Rocket , he started shooting everything and anything, from the daily grind to some beautiful hikes across the country.

© Franklin Ruiz

Franklin didn't stop at shooting panoramic landscapes, his contact sheets of panoramic shots give his pictures a grandiose and immersive aspect that no other camera could reproduce. From shooting, developing, and scanning his films with an Epson V550 and Silverfast, Franklin's one-man show will make your head turn to take in all his shots. "The Sprocket Rocket really helps you think and learn how to compose in a different way. Also, it’s without a doubt the most affordable panoramic photography camera out there."

"As photographers, I think we just all love documenting anything that inspires us from a person to a location."

By following photographers who use anamorphic lenses and post their pictures on Instagram, Franklin thought of doing the same, "but make somewhat of a story in these three pictures," he says.

© Franklin Ruiz

While you can mostly check out his work online, Franklin does see his pictures as prints or eventually a zine with a twist. A normal zine would be too boring and narrow for his spectacular shots!

© Franklin Ruiz

If you want to check out more of Franklin's work, head over to his Instagram .

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