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Buffled photographer behaviour

This are photos i took during a street photography master class with @victor_balaguer (look him up on instagram, he’s awesome). Unfortunately I found some scratches on the emulsion when I received my scans. Well, shit happens, what can I say. But one photo from this series is totally awesome specifically because of the scratches. Could you guess which one? :)............................ This picture needs some explanation :) this guy was walking on stilts so he was quite a subject for a solid street photo. But as i started aiming and preparing my exposure, he noticed me noticing him and came really close, like this! All i could do at this point was push the shutter release at whatever shutter speed that was on. It was 1/15 :)))

Breaking Boundaries: Travel and Documentary Award 2019

This serves as the Open Submissions round for the Breaking Boundaries category! Submit your best travel and documentaries photographs.

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